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Imad started his coaching career at NYC Wing Woman, an esteemed relationship coaching agency based in New York City. After finding success, Imad decided to start his own new venture and founded The Perfect Suitor.  With over 5 years of experience, Imad has serviced 100+ clients, both men and women, age 21-50, to help them achieve their personal goals in love and growth while enabling them to discover what it is that they want and don’t want in a partner through customized coaching programs. His personal services have resulted in client marriages, long term relationships, and above all, improved interpersonal skills.


Imad believes that the foundation of present-day relationships has become very toxic and needs to be healed. The Perfect Suitor has developed a new system where the individuals focus on creating secure inner habits through scientifically proven methods in order to form a sense of value within themselves. Through this process, the individual not only heals from the trauma that may be causing them to struggle in their dating lives but also enhances the quality of their personal and professional lives. These tools presented allow the individuals to begin the process of creating the life they have always wanted and in doing so allows them to signify their value and find potential suitors who fit their standards. 

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