5 Best dating apps for 2020

Have you ever wondered what dating apps might give you the best results for what you're looking for?

We live in a time where a plethora of dating apps exist. With so many options, the idea of finding the right app is becoming a dating situation within itself. First thing you want to do is ask yourself what app should I use and who is the target demographic in that app. Due to the larger number, some apps have already established their reputation in the industry for specific needs you might be looking for. I am going to give you a general background of a few apps and what getting on them might entail for you. Also, I’ll be rating my favorites right after.

“There are so many dating apps now, it's honestly kind of overwhelming. I feel like finding the right dating app is almost as annoying as dating itself.”


The founding father or mother of the swipe concept. It is the most popular and recognized dating app in the market. It’s the universal app for everyone, it has the most diverse demographics. It also has the most user base, so if you want options and different types of options then tinder is your solution. In terms of what your needs are, that’s different. If you’re looking for something serious, Tinder might not be it. Even though you can 1000% find someone willing to settle down and date you, it’s not that common. Tinder has built a reputation over the years for being considered the “hook up” dating app so people usually go on there with one intention. This is a major generalization, again, I have friends who found their significant other on tinder and it’s been perfect. So if you are looking to have fun and mess around then tinder should be your top pick!


Bumble is the perfect platform for most women. The reason I say that is because they have all the power in this app. No seriously they really do, you can basically swipe right with the girl of your dreams and if she doesn’t message you in 24 hours then that’s all she’ll be, the girl in your “dreams”. The premise of bumble is actually genius and creates a safe platform for women to go through their matches and pick who they might want to move forward with. It also prevents guys from spamming the woman with “heys” and “you’re beautiful”. This app has a great selection of both men and women. This app doesn’t really have a reputation of just being a hookup app or even a relationship app. So basically, it’s a fair game for both.


Hinge is the baby brother that looked up to his older sibling and eventually overtook them. Hinge is the new platform that recently came out a few years back that is dominating the market right now. It’s regarded as the best dating app currently and there is a good reason why. The way hinge is set up is that it allows you to get to know the person on a deeper level than just based on looks. The app asks you a series of prompts like silly questions and sometimes serious ones that really allow you to show your personality on your profile. What this app also does well is the fact that it shows you who likes you and gives you the opportunity to like them back if you’re interested. Hinge has had a lot of recent success because of how different it is from the typical swiping concept even though it has its own version of it. This app is also universal in terms of what you looking for, it can fit your needs for hooking up and also something serious. The series of prompts can help build that deeper attraction which can sometimes lead to more.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee meets bagel or CMB as they call it is also a very new platform that just came out a few years ago. It got famous on Shark Tank and became one of the heavy hitters right after that. This app is more for building a deeper connection and I see it more like a relationship app. From my experience and what I have heard from people, nobody really goes on CMB to hook up. This app is good because it gives you 26 potential suitors a day so you don’t feel too overwhelmed with options. This app also tells you if they like you or not which makes it easier to find matches. CMB uses a point system that they call beans where you can use those beans to find people on the explore page and instantly send a “like” to people you might be interested in. You can also use those beans to get the attention of people you’re really interested in by moving up the list in the algorithm so your love interest can see you quicker. This app also forces you to get off the app and communicate with the people you match with on a different platform. When you match with someone, you have 7 days to get their information or go on a date before your match “expires” which is a genius way to add urgency to the conversation. These little things make this app different and unique in its own way.

OkCupid VS Match

You all may know these websites, growing up. I would see a “match” commercial on every channel. Well, these are the founding fathers of online dating in general but now in these times, applications are king. They created their versions of dating apps to join the trend. These apps are designed more for long term success. While again, you can still find flings on these apps, I don’t recommend it because people on these apps are more serious about finding a specific someone. These apps make it easier through the series of questions they ask you to post on your profile which really gives a glimpse of the person’s personality. Most people that I spoke to about these apps report that they use these apps when they really decided to settle down or got serious about online dating. The demographic for these apps is also a little bit older since they are from a different generation. They are more “in” with the older crowd than tinder or bumble might be.

Specific Demographic Apps:

While these apps might specifically be targeted towards a group of individuals, they are open to everyone and can be used by everyone.

  • Minder: Muslim singles (a personal favorite for obvious reason)

  • Jswipe: Jewish singles

  • Blackpeoplemeet: African American singles

  • Christian Mingle: Christian singles

  • Chispa: Hispanic Singles

  • Dil Mil: Desi/Arab singles

  • The League: High-status singles

My Personal Top 5:

  1. Minder (I do really well there and I feel comfortable in sharing similar cultures with the people I meet there.)

  2. Tinder (More options and diverse groups, so you have multiple chances to meet people)

  3. Bumble (In my opinion has the most beautiful women I have ever seen, which makes sense because they can be very selective there)

  4. Coffee meets bagel (I love the app and how it’s easy to use)

  5. Dil Mil (I like the demographic of Dil Mil, it also fits my needs as well)

"You won’t see Hinge on here. I strongly dislike it, the algorithm doesn’t do me justice. But everyone I know seems to love it and preach about it. Just because I dislike it doesn’t mean you should too! "

These are some of the major dating apps out now! I’d love to hear some of your feedback about them in the comments down below! Also, send me your experience, I want to know if you all share the same views about some of the apps!

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