6 Pros & Cons of Dating During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The pros and cons of what dating in a pandemic look like!

As more and more time passes, we are slowly beginning to accept life in the quarantine. What seemed unusual and difficult a few months ago is starting to feel like the new normal. With that being said, the world has completely changed in such a short period of time and it might never go back to how it was. Don't even get me started on how this will affect dating in general! The dating world has been turned upside down! Online dating which is what people used to consider a joke, is now becoming the center of all "dating" and meeting new people in general. While this period of time might seem extremely uncertain, there are are couple of positives and negatives that will come out of this.

"It’s crazy how much dating has changed in a matter of months! If you told me that everything would have gone virtual 3 months ago, I would have laughed in your face and called you crazy. But, unfortunately, this has become our reality."

One of the most important aspects to take into consideration when building attraction stems from contact! For instance, a major factor in building attraction is physical touch. The fact that we aren’t able to have physical contact takes a layer away from building rapport. There is also a completely different vibe to actually being around someone in real life that you can’t replicate into facetime/zoom. So this pandemic is bringing up a lot of challenges in regards to singles trying to mingle. Since we have no choice in the matter now, we need to start adapting. I am going to be sharing the pros and cons of dating during this quarantine.


  • Save money: I know most people are loving this aspect of it the most. You basically get to go on a “date” with someone and not spend a single penny! It’s like killing two birds with one stone! I mean, unless you order take out and buy them dinner as a nice gesture. I guess that’s cool too. So this is a really great time to save money and also meet multiple people.

  • You don’t have to wear pants: You’re literally in the comfort of your own home. You can wear whatever you want and however you want to. I don’t recommend wearing pajamas to a first date but I mean, who am I to stop you? Do it up, because now you can!

  • You have more time to go on multiple dates: The fact that you are home allows you to have multiple dates in one day if you’d like. So you’re able to meet more people in less time! This will save you time in the long run and it is less exhausting.

  • Selfish Time: You have so much more time to date people and even work on yourself. I don’t think there will be another time like this in our near future again so really use this time to take advantage of all the good that can come out of it.

  • Building a deeper connection without physical contact: This is the crazy one, we are taking it old school just like some of our parents did. Now you don’t have sex as a gauge of how much you like someone. Your connection is being tested on how well you've gotten to know them. It's all emotional and no physical.

  • The value of the relationship: People now more than ever are starting to see the value of building strong and genuine relationships. Being stuck with someone for months on end provides insight into how much you actually value the person. If you cannot wait until you have time away from your partner, maybe it's time to reevaluate that relationship.


  • No physical touch: This makes it very difficult to build a deeper connection because innately one of the factors that allow us to develop connection is being able to embrace. The fact that you can't hug, kiss, touch, etc makes it harder to biologically trust someone. It also takes away from some of the fun parts of dating, like after the date. If you know what I mean.

  • Loneliness: People are really starting to realize how lonely they really are. Usually, a person is too busy throughout the day to really think about themselves. They go to work and come back home exhausted, ready for bed with no real reflecting. Now some people are forced to actually reflect because they are stuck inside with only themselves which is bringing out a lot of demons.

  • Anxiety: With so much uncertainty in this world, it’s not a surprise that everyone is freaking out. Especially individuals that are meeting people online. The constant thought is “how will I maintain this entertaining conversation for the month”, “will they think I am attractive when they see me in person”, “can we actually make it till the end of the quarantine”. These are all legitimate stresses that the quarantine is causing. My only answer to you is that the more you focus on these questions the closer you are to causing more internal pain. Make sure to always accept yourself before allowing anyone else to accept you.

  • Lack of control: You’ve always had control of your life, well… Some control. Guess what, now you have none. You just have to take a step back and enjoy the ride. Point is, you have to wait it out, the notion of instant gratification is non-existent now so really embrace the uncertainty and let life happen for you.

These are some of the major changes that are happening in our time! I’d love to hear some of your feedback about them in the comments down below! Also, send me some of the changes you have experienced so far!

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