6 Virtual Date Ideas to Use During Quarantine

You can't physically date at the moment, so why do you just date virtually?

With the world completely shut down in this time, ‘physical’ dating has become wishful thinking. As the quarantine continues so does the need for human interaction. During this time more than ever, singles are being forced to think outside of the box and get creative with how they approach dates. While the physical option might not be available at the moment, there is still the virtual option. Virtual dating has completely taken over in the past couple of months. Mostly because no one has a choice, but by the looks of things, it seems that virtual dating is shaping the way we create first encounter. I wouldn’t surprised if after this whole pandemic, virtual dates become the preferred “first” date. So with that being said, here are a couple of virtual date ideas that will definitely impress the person you’re dating!

1. Make dinner together

This is simple and creative. Find a recipe on google that looks amazing and trying making it together on a video call! This will not only be a great experience, but you’ll also create an amazing new memory! If you want to take it up a notch, you both can have a cook off and compete to see who’s final dish looks better in the end! A little tension never hurt anyone.

2. Karaoke night

Are you confident in your singing? Cool, neither am I and that’s why this makes a perfect virtual date idea. This allows you and your date to either make a fool of yourselves or sing a beautiful duet! Either way, you’ll constantly be interacting with each other and might even experience a little nostalgia in the end.

"Karaoke night with a dance off right after was by far one of the best virtual dates I have been on in so long! There was so much laughing and bad singing!"

3. Dance Battle

So singing wasn’t your thing, well guess what, dancing might be the answer. This is also another awesome virtual date idea that really allows you to be very interactive and also create amazing memories. Who knows maybe those cool dance moves that you were hiding might be the reason you get a second date!

4. Movie night

This is the all-time classic idea of all dates, you know we had to figure out a way to get it on this list. Just because you both can't watch a movie in the same room doesn’t mean you can’t watch a movie on video chat. Keep it old school, get your laptop or watching device and put on that movie that you both have been dying to see. Netflix has a new feature that allows group movies session where you can watch the same movie together. If that fails, then synchronize the time of the part you’re on and start the movie!

5. Paint night

Are you both fans of art? Even if you’re not this is a great chance to try something new and get to know each other through it. Pick something you both would like to paint, pour a glass of wine and let your inner Picasso come to life!

6. S’mores in front of a fire

Do you live in a state other than New York and potentially have a fire pit in your backyard? Well, that’s perfect news for you because you can use that pit as a creative excuse for this virtual date. Set up your phone to get a view of the pit, find some sticks, and enjoy the beautiful fire while you converse and enjoy some delicious s’mores.

There you have it! Take this time to create memories and have cool virtual dates! If you have any other creative date ideas that wasn't on this list please comment below! I'd love to hear about your experiences during this quarantine!

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